Spiele am Strand-Nudists Juniors [Pure Nudism 2016] Video

Spiele am Strand-Nudists Juniors [Pure Nudism 2016]

PureNudism 2016

Crazy Dessous Party-Nudists Juniors Content [Pure Nudism 2016] Video

Crazy Dessous Party-Nudists Juniors Content

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Green Tropic Adventures-Nudists Juniors Content [Pure Nudism Video]

Green Tropic Adventures

family nudist content

Flaschenspiele Party-Nudists Juniors Content [Pure Nudism Video]

Flaschenspiele Party

family naturists video

Sonne and Regen-Nudists Juniors Content [Pure Nudism Video]

Sonne and Regen

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Junior Miss Pageant France-Teens Nudist Contests ジュニアミスページェントフランス

Junior Miss Pageant France-Teens Nudist Contests ジュニアミスページェントフランス

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Show Us Your Stuff-Family Naturism

A large naturist society, rented facilities and decided to organize a contest of young talents. Songs and dances of performers and spectators sometimes light and together they start dancing. Funny and good movie.

Show Us Your Stuff-Family Nudism

Kicking off the Kiev Summer-Family Naturism

When the summer comes to Kiev, the local naturists are quick to leave their winter clothes behind them and seek out the venues that welcome them with open arms, the beaches and the saunas near the river Dnepr that have long been used for such activities. Young and old alike rush out to play and have a great time announcing the coming season, as they all join in to kick off the new Kiev summer.
family nudism

Naked in a Winter Wonderland-Naturist Family

Great movie from Kiekskogo Union naturists. New Year celebrations in naturist. Large wooden house with all neobhldimym to have fun. A great example of a healthy lifestyle and family naturism.
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Family fun is the theme of this gathering, and while some of the more hardy run through the snow for a quick splash in the river, others play games that include charades, body-decoration parade, billiards, a fairytale based on the three pigs and the big bad wolf. The whole festive atmosphere is enjoyed by one and all as Father Christmas arrives to distribute little presents, and the final “jingle bell rock”, complete with candles and sparklers, is a lively naturist hymn to what turned out to be a fantastic Christmas party when all our friends were truly naked in this winter wonderland.