Nudist Family Video – Naked society 裸社会

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Family Nudist Video Naked society
This is not pornography and erotica is not. These people really live like.
Candid film of nudistkom community. “Naked” on the beach, at home and at parties.
A man comes into the world naked. Nudity – is his natural state. But the society imposes on him a lot of conventions, teaching them ashamed of his own body. Although to be ashamed of sex organs so stupid as to be ashamed of, say, ears, noses or fingers. Ugly body does not happen. Natural is not ugly. What could be more natural than a naked human body?
In addition, the nudity – is a symbol of trust. In naturist parks and clubs, there is no theft and other crimes, the doors of the cottages is never locked. And the clothes, which is typical, with beaches, do not steal. By the way, natures, the beaches are always cleaner than the public – not a hand up litter wherever gonna get naked butt.
Throughout the world, except for Muslim countries, nudism is officially permitted in designated smoking areas. On the beaches, clubs and parks posted signs “FKK”, and those who view nudity offends my nose there is not pop. When entering the “textile” territory nudists honestly dress.
In Russia, no specific legislation prohibiting bathing in the nude, do not exist. But there is a puritanical public opinion, anyone who somehow gets out of the total weight, to label norovyaschie pervert. Therefore, the police his views on nudists and their rights. But if they wanted most, they can threaten to not wanting to dress up this article for disorderly conduct.
In Russia, the two major nudist organizations: NSF – The National Federation of nudism, with headquarters in St. Petersburg and the Russian Association of Naturists “Telord” with headquarters in Moscow. Film shot by the Peter Naturist Organization “Wearing sun,” you have already seen, now you have the opportunity to see the work of the Moscow club naturist shot by order of the American company “Al Cinema Video Ltd.”, If you do not have too much trouble, please write here your opinion on which of these films you liked more and why.
Year: 1999
Country: Moscow, commissioned by “Al Cinema Video Ltd.”
Genre: Nudist Family Video
Duration: 0:40:45
Translation: No
Directed by: Oleg Klochenok
Studio: Al Cinema Video Ltd. with the participation of the Moscow club naturists “Telord”


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