Nudism – as culture

nudist family
The main idea of ​​the true nudists is that nudity – the natural state of man, in which he came into this world. So, there is no reason to be ashamed of it. Ideological nudism naturism is called, and its essence lies in the rule of the “dressed, when necessary, to undress, when you can.”

It should be noted that naturism is not concentrated solely on the bare body. People keen on this culture, try their best to develop your body, sports, active lifestyle, do not accept the drug, alcohol and tobacco use in a very tempered.

In this case, many people can say that not once seen on the beaches “hanging naked youth.” Note that the culture of naturism and nudism is shocking – they are different things. In this article, we do not discuss people who see nudity as a means bezkulturnogo behavior or shocking the audience.

True nudists (naturists) respectful of the opinion of others and for the rest of his usually choose remote parts of the beaches. Such people will never discuss the advantages or disadvantages of the bodies of their “colleagues” or forcing someone to remove excess clothing with their own beach.

Any manifestation of nudism – voluntary actions. Among nudists not accepted manifestation of violent coercion to following the principles of naturism.

It should be noted that such a culture of parental care in children. And on a nudist beach even children will never poke a finger in the “bare uncles and aunts.”

And the last major nudist commandment states that any discrimination based on sex or sexual orientation is unacceptable.

Nudism – as recreation

First move away from stereotypes. Nudism does not involve frying naked body to a state of coals. The main charm of the “bare” rest entirely different.

First, deprived of clothing, your body breathe. Second, the best part is that you can feel completely undressed, the wind on your skin, or water, washing the whole body without exceptional sites. Anyone who has ever swam naked, would argue that the feelings are much more vivid, and the body more sensitive.

And of course, the indisputable advantage is that often there are nudist beaches in secluded corners, and people are much less than in any city. That means you can relax not only the body but also the soul.

Nudism – as treatment

Separate category nudists can distinguish people who undress for medical reasons. After all, clothing prevents get maximum health benefits from the adoption of solar, water and mud baths.

The fact is that bathing suit cover some nerve and end points, the impact on that cold water or warm sun has a strong energizing for the entire body and helps fight many diseases. And taking mud baths in bathing suits just uncomfortable.

It should also be noted that wet bathing suit – it is always an occasion for all sorts of colds, because nudity is warming much faster and more evenly than the land covered with a wet cloth.

Ever wanted to be given to tan. Many may argue that the tan topless or completely naked is not useful. However, it can be argued that excessive tanning will not be useful in case if you wore a swimsuit. A confident sunbathing useful in any area of ​​your body.

We wish you a good rest and complete the feeling!

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